Yama Uba / Silhouettes
Album: Silhouettes   Collection:General
Artist:Yama Uba   Added:Dec 2023
Label:Ratskin Records  

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Isolation, Facade
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Album Review
Diego Aguilar-Canabal
Reviewed 2023-12-31
Dark gothic post-punk/darkwave/synth-wave from Oakland. Spooky and icy synths, throbbing bass, shimmering guitar over mid-paced beats and crooning chanteuse vocals conjure up a dark dungeon club atmosphere, perfect for parties with Altar de Fey, Mission UK, Sisters of Mercy and those goth kids who smoke cigarettes behind the bleachers. Fans of the aforementioned artists should crank this at their next dinner party with their fellow vampires. (FCC Clean, vocals have lots of reverb so lyrics may be too hazy to make out sometimes.)

1. (4:32) Plodding post-punk with dungeon synth lines, anthemic singing about disappointment
2. (3:33) more upbeat, bright stadium drums, energetic harmonies and handclaps, almost funky at times
3. (2:58) mid-paced angry punk anthem, Lydia Lunch singing at an underground British fashion show vibes
4. (3:48)** heavy post-punk pulse, a bit more rock’n’roll with a post-Soviet tinge like Molchat Dolma
5. (3:56) shiny surf guitar over a stuttering dub-like beat, mostly major-key and cherubic
6. (3:45)* groovy prog synth with some sultry sax and epic crescendos, like a gothic take on “Careless Whisper”
7. (4:13)* biting guitar melody, more upbeat drums, takes a while to build into an angsty punk-witch anthem
8. (3:14) super dark post-punk guitar burner, midpaced plodding with crisp drum machine claps and sultry spy-movie motifs
9. (5:31)*** haunting vocals echoing into a deep abyss, anthemic 80s guitar with a pounding Pat Benatar-esque triumphant cadence

Track Listing
1. Disappear   5. I'm In Love With A German Film Star
2. Shapes   6. Isolation
3. Shatter   7. Laura
4. Facade   8. Claustrophobia
  9. Angel