Various Artists / Get a Board!
Album: Get a Board!   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 1994
Label:Telstar Records  

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Don't Monkey with Tarzan
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Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Bel-Aires, the Baggies
2. Val Rays, the Get a Board
3. Mark Four, the Swingin' Hangout
4. Sting Rays, the One Mo' Gin
5. Toads, the Morpheous
6. Warner Bros. Varoom
7. Roemans, the Miserlou
8. Arlen Sanders Hopped Up Mustang
9. Diminshuns, the Slippery When Wet
10. Tourquetts, the Side-Swiped
11. Spats, the Go Go Yamaha
12. Majority, the Shu 'em Down in London Town
13. Irridescents, the Swamp Surfer
14. Surf Bunnies, the Surf Bunny Beach
15. Avengers 6, the Time Bomb
16. Safaris, the Kick Out
17. Crestones, the The Chopper
18. Emerald City Bandits, the Full Blown Caddy
19. Gene Ray and the Stingerays Surf Bunny
20. Pygmies, the Don't Monkey with Tarzan
21. Triptides, the Go Mustang
22. Trademarks, the Baha-Ree Ba! (Part 1)
23. Titans, the Reveille Rock
24. Leon Smith and the Basics Basic Surf
25. Pat and the Californians Be Billy
26. Street Cleaners, the Garbage City Leaff
27. Susan Lynne Don't Drag no More
28. Bob Moore and the Temps Trophy Run
29. Dave and the Saints Leavin' Surf City