Various Artists / Eternal Voices
Album: Eternal Voices   Collection:World
Artist:Various Artists   Added:May 1994
Label:New Alliance  

Recent Airplay
1. May 29, 2014: Aporeia
Improvisation on Zither
2. Apr 14, 2006: The National Congress Of Vaselines
Evening Dew

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Hoang Oanh + Ensemble Watching the Moon
2. N. D. N. Phuong & N. T. Phong Threading the Needle
3. N. T. Phong + Ensemble Singing the Tale of Kieu
4. Hoang Oanh & N. T. Phong Boat Song of Hue
5. Thu Van + Ensemble To Hue Embroiders Silk
6. N. D. Nghia & N. D. D. Trang Going Through the Pass
7. Thu Hong + Ensemble Two Wedding Cars
8. Phuong, Phong, Tran Song of the Evening
9. Kim Tuyen, L. V. Thanh, Phong Song of Lovesickness
10. (Tam) Vi Thuy Ten Thousand Royal Chariots
11. Thu Van, L. V. Thanh, Phong Evening Dew
12. Kim Oanh Old Melody
13. Thu Van + Ensemble Waiting for News
14. Nguyen Thuyet Phong Improvisation on Zither
15. Nguyen Dinh Nghia Improvisation on Flute
16. Hoang Oanh, Nghia, Phong Poem of Farewell
17. Thanh, Oanh, Phong Stream of Water/Moderato
18. Van Thien Tuong Monochord Solo
19. Nguyen Thuyet Phong, Frankel Improvisation on Lute
20. Phuong, Trang Lullaby
21. Thu Van + Ensemble Nostalgia
22. Hoang Oanh, Nghia, Phong Song of the Teasing Crow