Molecules, the / Morokyu
Album: Morokyu   Collection:General
Artist:Molecules, the   Added:Dec 1994

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1. Jan 14, 2007: Rorschach's Dance: Pieces to Fall
Blow Job

Album Review
Craig Matsumoto
Reviewed 2007-01-14
(Original review by Nate, 1994):

"It's nice to know that the Bay Area has its very own Japanoise band. The Molecules clearly have an intense admiration for Omoide Hatoba, Boredoms, Ruins, etc... which shouldn't be surprising. What is surprising is that many of these songs actually transcend mimicry and succeed on their own terms. The understandable singing doesn't do much for me, but many of the short noisy tracks kick ass."

Track Listing
1. Slapping the Butt of the Jok   13. Pissing Off Our Heroes
2. Day Job   14. The Joke Ain't Funny no Mo'
3. Children of the Slime   15. Folea Job
4. Baby Please Don't Go   16. He's a Banker
5. Obstacle Job   17. Obstacle Course
6. Downtown   18. Catheter
7. Chip Shop   19. Laisse Tomber
8. Trouble in Stupid Town   20. Dig It
9. Alchemy Fist   21. Morons
10. Sonic Puke   22. French Job
11. Got the Blues   23. Living in the Past with a Wo
12. Dickhead   24. Blow Job