Archers of Loaf / Veevee
Album: Veevee   Collection:General
Artist:Archers of Loaf   Added:Mar 1995
Label:Fork And Spoon Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Jun 05, 2012: Meow
Harnessed in Slums
2. Dec 15, 2006: college radio interegnumm
Step Into the Light

Album Review
Reviewed 2012-11-02
Oh, FUCK. I’m more than a little disappointed with the Archers over this album. They’ve succumbed to the major-label production bug and all but destroyed their muddy, rugged sound, so now you can hear Eric Bachmann’s embarrassing lyrics. Grrr... this is probably a knee-jerk reaction because I loved Vs. the Greatest of All Time so much, and I’ll probably grow to love this CD, but right now it’s a bloody frustrating listen.
1 sadder than sad Pavement -- slow, beautiful, cooing in background
2, 3 decent rockers, not that great if compared to Icky Mettle or Vs.
4, 6 slower songs, not bad -- 4 says FUCK obviously
5 better songwriting, rockin’ song
7 --> 8 fuzzy static & minimal guitar into a straight midtempo rocker -- pretty standard
9 Cool. fuzzy yelling, atonal tweaky guitar
10 another “nice” tune, full-sounding w/trademark Archers out of tune soloing

-- Nick

Track Listing
1. Step Into the Light   7. 1985
2. Harnessed in Slums   8. Fabricoh
3. Nevermind the Enemy   9. Nostalgia
4. Greatest of All Time   10. Let the Loser Melt
5. Underdogs of Nipomo   11. Death in the Park
6. Floating Friends   12. Worst Has Yet to Come
  13. Underachievers March And Fight Song