Frith, Fred / Gravity
Album: Gravity   Collection:General 12"
Artist:Frith, Fred   Added:Jun 1995
Label:Ralph Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Oct 07, 2012: The Mongrel's Stoop
Year of the Monkey, Norrgarden Nyvla
2. Aug 20, 2012: Fred Frith special: GRAVITY
A Career in Real Estate, Slap Dance [excerpt], What a Dilemma, Norrgarden Nyvla, The Boy Beats the Rams/Year of the Monkey ["drum" excerpts], Dancing in the Street, Come Across [excerpt], Don't Cry for Me, Spring Any Day Now

Track Listing
1. The Boy Beats the Rams   8. Crack in the Concrete
2. Spring Any Day Now   9. Come Across
3. Don't Cry for Me   10. Dancing in the Street
4. The Hands of the Juggler   11. My Enemy Is a Bad Man
5. Norrgarden Nyvla   12. Slap Dance
6. Year of the Monkey   13. A Career in Real Estate
7. What a Dilemma   14. Dancing in Rockville Marylan