Shipp, Matthew / Symbol Systems
Album: Symbol Systems   Collection:Jazz
Artist:Shipp, Matthew   Added:Apr 1996
Label:No More Records  

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Symbol Systems
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Algebraic Boogie
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The Highway
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Harmonic Oscillator

Album Review
Craig Matsumoto
Reviewed 2006-02-17
(This review was written by Eva, circa 1996):

"FANTASTIC solo piano from Matthew Shipp, one of the most distinctive and intriguing musicians around. Shipp's style is a unique fusion of jazz and classical -- not necessarily contempo -- with dense, strange harmonies, lots of bass, and a fluid, quirky rhythmic touch. Very intense music with an almost industrial quality at times.

"1- Wonderful rolling sounds, sometimes delicate but not pretty, rumbling bass, almost industrial-sounding banging

"2- Repetitious melody composed of dense chords, some trickling lines of single notes

"5- Nice off-kilter swinging reminiscent of Monk but with deep bass punctuation

"6- First consonant, then ever more dissonant classical-like form and regular motion

"7- More like a ballad

"8- Fast runs, great working out of motifs

"10- His version of bebop, taking off in its own direction

"12- Insane boogie-woogie buried within dense crashing sounds.

"All tracks are good -- these are just favorites."

Track Listing
1. Clocks   8. Flow of Meaning
2. Harmonic Oscillator   9. Dance of the Blue Atoms
3. Temperate Zone   10. Bop Abyss
4. Symbol Systems   11. Nerve Signals
5. The Highway   12. Algebraic Boogie
6. Self-Regulated Motion   13. The Inventor Pt 1
7. Frame   14. The Inventor Pt 2