Various Artists / Cassette Mythos Audio Alch, th
Album: Cassette Mythos Audio Alch, th   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 1994

Recent Airplay
1. Sep 19, 2007: Day of Difficulty
Drying Clothes Made Entirely
3. Mar 10, 2007: Cognitive Overload
What You Think Will Happen
2. Jul 14, 2007: Cognitive Overload
Drying Clothes Made Entirely
4. Jan 27, 2007: Cognitive Overload (noise special)
Drying Clothes Made Entirely

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Heather Perkins What You Think Will Happen
2. Ric E. Braden Columbus Ave. 10PM
3. Jim Steele Splatter Experience of the G
4. Daniel Johnston Grievances
5. John Wiggins Timbre=Melody
6. Yximalloo China-Pong
7. Qubais Ghazala The Delphian Oracle
8. Fredrick Lonberg-Holm The Second Minuet
9. Costes Oh Fortuna
10. Kitchen Table Ensemble Exploded Venus
11. Solomonoff & Von Hoffmanstahl Banzai Noir
12. Vosch Tunnel at Dawn
13. Philip Perkins Remoting
14. Minoy Sspress
15. Triptic of a Pastel Fern Shiny Things
16. Gregory Whitehead It Makes Me Blush
17. Mystery Laboratory Excerpt From V.T.
18. Bat Lenny Delphi
19. Collapse/Relapse Webs
20. Hope Organ Sneaky
21. Tentatively, a Convenience Drying Clothes Made Entirely