Various Artists / A Stab at the Resident
Album: A Stab at the Resident   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:May 1996
Label:Vaccination Records  

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Every-One Comes to the Freak

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Mahogany Wood Only a Mother
2. Idiot Flesh Bach Is Dead
3. Heavy Vegetable Time's Up
4. Frank Pahl Every-One Comes to the Freak
5. Borgia Popes Constantinople
6. Ubzub What Could the Matter Be
7. Thinking Fellers Union Local 2 Electrocutioner
8. Mooseheart Faith, the Firefly Vinegar
9. Splatter Trio 6 Things to a Cycle Pt. 1
10. Amy Deenio Act of Being Polite
11. Ubzub N-Err-Gee
12. Utotem Sinister Exaggerator
13. Greg Roe Hell No!
14. Giant Ant Farm Eva's Warning
15. Charming Hostess Won't You Keep Us Working?
16. Richie West & Bomb Factory Voices in the Air
17. Silica Gel Shutup, Shutup
18. Mommyheads Moisture
19. Supercollider Walrus Hunt
20. Ubzub Lord It's Lonely
21. Snakefinger Smelly Tongues
22. Fibulator You Yes Yes Yes Yes You
23. Dramagold You Yes Yes Yes You
24. Shakin Ray Levis Red Rider
25. Poxy Boggards Santa Dog
26. Splatter Trio 6 Things to a Cycle Pt. 2
27. Big Butter Their Early Years
28. Cracker Blue Rosebuds
29. Pink Floyd the Barber Boo Who
30. Non Credo Nice Skinny Sinister Old Man
31. Lungpigs No One Laughs When They Leav
32. Eskimo Happy Home
33. Primus Hello Skinny Medly
34. Stan Ridgway J.E.D. Excuse Booker Tease
35. Greg Roe Gingerbread Man