Various Artists / Burnt and Bent
Album: Burnt and Bent   Collection:General
Artist: Various Artists   Added:Oct 1996
Label: Burnt Sienna Records  

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1. Mar 20, 2003: The Darling System
Revved Up and Ready

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Mudflap Girls From Venus Behave
2. Pretty Mighty Mighty Perfect
3. Ff Why
4. Morning Shakes Revved Up and Ready
5. Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartme Outside My Scene
6. My White Bread Mom C.O.B.E.
7. Hairy Patt Band, the Reno
8. Gut Piston Give It to You
9. Industry Girl Earshot
10. Frans, the Nudie
11. Drill Kitty Johnny Speed
12. Steel Miners, the Do Ya Wanna?
13. Pet Ufo Monkey Tranquilizer
14. Flipping Hades Blunderbuss
15. Moody Jackson My Life Sucks
16. Econothugs Yo Happy
17. Tub Richman
18. Laughing Stock Twenty Years
19. Knumskull Incident
20. Los Clementes Record Store Employee Song
21. Swivel Arm Battle Grip Linoleum
22. Corm Little Problems
23. Haynes Boys New Franklin County Woman
24. Alkaloid Mr. Shell
25. Treadway, Joel Nate and Bob Song