James, Ethan / Ancient Music of Christmas
Album: Ancient Music of Christmas   Collection:Classical
Artist:James, Ethan   Added:Nov 1996

Recent Airplay
1. Dec 20, 2012: Yuletones
Lullay Lullay Als I Lay...
2. Aug 27, 2008: Erangostea Din Tei (music)
Jerusalem Gaude/Jesu Redempt

Track Listing
1. Bring a Torch Jeannette Isab   8. The Seven Joys of Mary
2. From Church to Church...   9. Lullay Lullay Als I Lay...
3. This Is the Truth Sent...   10. Jerusalem Gaude/Jesu Redempt
4. Alleluya Christo Iubilemus..   11. Sing We Noel/Goodnight/...
5. Baloo IAMMY/3 Kings Songs   12. Now We Make Joy
6. Quem Pastores Lauduere...   13. Lulajze Jezuniu/Come...
7. Now to Conclude Our Christma   14. Blessed Be that Maid Marie
  15. Canzone D'i Zampoignari