Bowie, David / Earthling
Album: Earthling   Collection:General
Artist: Bowie, David   Added:Feb 1997
Label: Virgin Records (Modern)  

Recent Airplay
1. Nov 27, 2017: In Your Ear Radio - Still Awaking, This Morning
I'm Afraid of Americans
4. Aug 11, 2015: In Your Ear Radio
Law (Earthlings on Fire), I'm Afraid of Americans, The Last Thing You Should Do
2. Oct 12, 2017: I Like to Dance: Shake Off Your Pants In Your Ear
Little Wonder
5. Apr 07, 2009: "In Your Ear ..." with Bug, a special 3 weeks for stephen sorenson pt.3
Dead Man Walking
3. Mar 24, 2016: All Passion No Technique
Little Wonder
6. Jan 24, 2007: MoodSwings:From darkmatter to Pre-Carnaval
Dead Man Walking

Track Listing
1. Little Wonder   5. Dead Man Walking
2. Looking for Satellites   6. Telling Lies
3. Battle for Britain (The Lett   7. The Last Thing You Should Do
4. Seven Years in Tibet   8. I'm Afraid of Americans
  9. Law (Earthlings on Fire)