Various Artists / Along the Kentucky Riv
Album: Along the Kentucky Riv   Collection:Country
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Feb 1997
Label:Rounder Records  

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Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Darley Fulks She Danced All Night in the
2. Darley Fulks Atlanta Schottische
3. Darley Fulks Snowstorm
4. Darley Fulks The Downfall of Paris
5. Darley Fulks Andrew Jackson
6. Darley Fulks Pharaoh
7. Lella Todd Everybodies Favorite
8. Earl Thomas Boatin Up Sandy
9. Billy Stamper Red Lick
10. Columbus Williams Poor Girl Waltz
11. Van Kidwell Last Gold Dollar
12. Van Kidwell Johnny Inch Along
13. Jim Woodward Rough and Ready
14. Jim Woodward Midnight
15. Ed Buck Barnes Morgan on the Railroad
16. John Masters Snowbird in the Ashbank
17. John Masters Shippingport
18. John Masters Camp Nelson Blues
19. John Masters Garfield March
20. John Masters One Eyed Riley
21. Bill Hatton Christmas Calico
22. Vincent Crawford Sand Riffle
23. Everett Kays Bacon Rind
24. Kelly Gilbert Granny Will Your Dog Bite
25. Kelly Gilbert Old Time Billy in the Lowgro
26. Kelly Gilbert Brickyard Joe
27. Kelly Gilbert Johnny Get Your Hair Cut
28. Bill Livers Old Virge
29. Bill Livers Up and Down Old Eagle Creek
30. J.B. Miller Crab Orchard Quickstep
31. J.B. Miller George Winter Tune
32. J.B. Miller Severn Creek
33. Artie Vandegriff Jenny Baker
34. Jarvie Hall Billy Wilson
35. Jarvie Hall White Wing Waltz
36. Clarence Skirvin Going Up & Down Old Buffalo
37. Clarence Skirvin Old Flannigan
38. Clarence Skirvin Indiana Home