Various Artists / Cocktail Combos, the
Album: Cocktail Combos, the   Collection:Blues
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jun 1997
Label:Capitol Records Inc.  

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I Want to Fool Around with Y, Let's Have a Ball, Cryin' Mercy
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Oh, but I Do
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Straighten Up and Fly Right
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But She's My Buddy's Chick

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. King Cole Trio Straighten Up and Fly Right
2. King Cole Trio Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to Yo
3. King Cole Trio Sweet Lorraine
4. King Cole Trio Easy Listening Blues
5. King Cole Trio Bring Another Drink
6. King Cole Trio I'm a Shy Guy
7. King Cole Trio You're Nobody 'tl Somebody L
8. King Cole Trio Don't Blame Me
9. King Cole Trio I'm Through with Love
10. King Cole Trio Come to Baby, Do!
11. King Cole Trio The Frim Fram Sauce
12. King Cole Trio Load Me Two Till Tuesday
13. King Cole Trio (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
14. King Cole Trio Baby, Baby All the Time
15. King Cole Trio Oh, but I Do
16. King Cole Trio But She's My Buddy's Chick
17. King Cole Trio You Call It Madness (But I C
18. King Cole Trio (I Love You) for Sentimental
19. King Cole Trio You're the Cream in My Coffe
20. King Cole Trio You Don't Learn that in Scho
21. King Cole Trio I Miss You So
22. King Cole Trio I Think You Get What I Mean
23. King Cole Trio (Everyone Has Someone) but a
24. King Cole Trio What'll I Do
25. King Cole Trio I'll String Along with You
26. Moore, Johnny's Three Blazers Blazer's Boogie
27. Moore, Johnny's Three Blazers Baby Don't You Cry
28. Moore, Johnny's Three Blazers Drifting Blues
29. Brown, Charles Homesick Blues
30. Brown, Charles How High the Moon
31. Brown, Charles Get Yourself Another Fool
32. Brown, Charles In the Evening When the Sun
33. Brown, Charles Trouble Blues
34. Brown, Charles I Don't Care Who Knows
35. Brown, Charles When Your Lover Has Gone
36. Brown, Charles Tormented
37. Brown, Charles Alley Batting
38. Brown, Charles Take Me
39. Brown, Charles Let's Have a Ball
40. Brown, Charles Did You Ever Love a Woman
41. Brown, Charles Again
42. Brown, Charles Gee!
43. Brown, Charles I've Made Up My Mind
44. Brown, Charles That Old Feeling
45. Brown, Charles Without the One You Love
46. Brown, Charles Black Night
47. Brown, Charles Once there Lived a Fool
48. Brown, Charles Hard Times
49. Brown, Charles Evening Shadows
50. Brown, Charles Rollin' Like a Pebble in the
51. Brown, Charles Rising Sun
52. Brown, Charles Cryin' and Driftin' Blues
53. Brown, Charles Goodnight My Love
54. Brown, Charles Cryin' Mercy
55. Brown, Charles P.S. I Love You
56. Brown, Charles My Silent Love
57. Brown, Charles I Want to Fool Around with Y
58. Dixon, Floyd Married Woman
59. Dixon, Floyd Wino Blues
60. Dixon, Floyd Empty Stocking Blues
61. Dixon, Floyd Walkin' and Talkin' Blues
62. Dixon, Floyd San Francisco Blues
63. Dixon, Floyd Bad Neighborhood
64. Dixon, Floyd You Played Me for a Fool
65. Dixon, Floyd Telephone Blues
66. Dixon, Floyd You Need Me Now
67. Dixon, Floyd Broken Hearted Traveler
68. Dixon, Floyd Do I Love You
69. Dixon, Floyd A Long Time Ago
70. Dixon, Floyd Lovin' (Brought Me Into this
71. Dixon, Floyd Tired, Broke and Busted
72. Dixon, Floyd Come Back Baby
73. Dixon, Floyd Call Operator 210
74. Dixon, Floyd Wine, Wine, Wine
75. Dixon, Floyd Red Cherries