Ass Baboons of Venus, the / Spanking the Species
Album: Spanking the Species   Collection:General
Artist:Ass Baboons of Venus, the   Added:Jul 1997
Label:Stingy Banana Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Oct 20, 2014: In The Year One Thousand, Eight Thousand
Coquette Fricasee
2. Jun 30, 2002: Oh Messy Life
Bone the Relic

Track Listing
1. Low Rent Insect   7. Pinkie Twirling Hum-A-Long
2. Hose in the Cocktail   8. Colorful Plumes of Flatus
3. Coquette Fricasee   9. Mango Allergy Dirge
4. Taystee-Doo   10. Pity the Stick
5. Bone the Relic   11. Oahu Dwee Bop
6. Pineapple Factory Suicide We   12. Pontoon of the Rubber Booby