Various Artists / More Bounce to The...
Album: More Bounce to The...   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jul 1997
Label:Lookout Records  

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1. Dec 14, 2023: down in the basement
Wild, Wild Jayne
3. Oct 20, 2022: down in the basement
The Kids Are Alright
2. Jun 29, 2023: down in the basement
Rock with the Smugglers
4. Nov 25, 2006: Biff Bang Pow
No Action

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Mr. T Experience We Are the Future People...
2. Pink Lincolns, the Medley
3. Gotohells, the Chevy Ii Nova
4. Parasites, the Day Dreaming
5. Teen Idols, the One Pill
6. Cletus Granola Head
7. Sicko Escape Velocity
8. Groovie Ghoulies, the Dolomite
9. Nobodys, the Dumb
10. Hi-Fives, the Slow Down
11. Lillingtons, the The Day I Went Away
12. Cretins, the You Don't Give Me...
13. Cub Fb Song
14. Sinkhole Gas Chamber
15. Spirit Varnish Borough Boy
16. Lick 57 Del Champion
17. Smugglers, the Keep on
18. Squirtgun I Wanna Be a Cretin
19. Doc Hopper Waldorf
20. Queers, the The Kids Are Alright
21. Muffs, the No Action
22. Cletus Beer
23. Queers, the This Sandal Shit
24. Teen Idols, the Nightmares
25. Parasites, the Ronnie Is a Psycho
26. Cub Through with You
27. Groovie Ghoulies, the Wild, Wild Jayne
28. Sicko Hipster Boyfriend
29. Gotohells, the I've Got a Gun
30. Nobodys, the Scarred By Love
31. Sinkhole Door
32. Mr. T Experience, the Whistlebait
33. Squirtgun Margie
34. Lick 57 Trailer Park Fantasy
35. Spirit Varnish Big Guy Song
36. Doc Hopper Statler
37. Cretins, the Jenny
38. Lillingtons, the Lost My Marbles
39. Smugglers, the Rock with the Smugglers