Television / Marquee Moon
Album: Marquee Moon   Collection:General 12"
Artist:Television   Added:Aug 1997
Label:Elektra Records (West Coast)  

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Marquee Moon

Album Review
Reviewed 2002-07-26
This record remains my favorite album in the world. Completely blissful, intricate music that sings of an age after the demise of the Velvet Underground, yet predating the rise of Sonic Youth and the New York City no-wave scene.

My picks:

1 - Incredible, melodic. driving rock song. I've been singing along to this for years.
2- Another great dominating riff -- it's so beautiful! This, in general, is more reflective.
4- The title track. "Raga rock" is how some describe this.... it transcends the normal levels of bliss I usually experience. Incredible solo done by Verlaine. Longer piece (c. 10 mins.) but it's worth every second.
5- "Elevation -- don't go to my head:" What a great, moody, thoughtful track.
7- Catchy contagious qualities -- quite lovely.

P.S. Subtleties in melodic jamming throughout the record. Tom Verlaine often sounds like Patti Smith.

Track Listing
1. See no Evil   5. Elevation
2. Venus   6. Guiding Light
3. Friction   7. Prove It
4. Marquee Moon   8. Torn Curtain