Bonga / Angola 72
Album: Angola 72   Collection:World
Artist:Bonga   Added:Sep 1997
Label:Tinder Production  

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Kilumba Dia Ngola
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Kilumba Dia Ngola

Album Review
Don Farrell
Reviewed 2005-04-14
Bongo combines the sounds of Portuguese fado, Brazilian samba , music of Cape Verde and Angola with his raspy voice and sings about life in the shantytowns under colonial rule by Portugal. Recorded in 1972 he was forced into exile. All tracks have excellent percussion and are vocals except for #8.
*1: starts slow picks up and is a wailing vocal with vocal sounds and kisses??
2: slow, slow.
*3: nice, upbeat with guitar and percussion.
**4: slow, mournful tone. Beautiful.
*5: fast, great vocal and percussion.
*6: fast, lots of vocal sounds and kisses??
7: ok vocal, slow.
**8: medium paced instrumental, jungle sounds, good soundbed
9: slow
10: slow
11: slow D Farrell 09/97

Track Listing
1. Uengi Dia Ngola   6. Muadikime
2. Balumukeno   7. Luanda Nbolo
3. Ku Tando   8. Mu Nhango
4. Mona Ki Ngi Xica   9. Paxi Ni Ngongo
5. Kilumba Dia Ngola   10. Muimboua Sabalu