Muslimgauze / Jaal Ab Dullah
Album: Jaal Ab Dullah   Collection:General
Artist:Muslimgauze   Added:Nov 1997
Label:Soleilmoon Recordings  

Recent Airplay
1. Apr 11, 2006: Radio Of Imagination
Exit Left no Trace

Track Listing
1. Old Bombay Vinyl Junkie   14. Shimmer, Then Disappear
2. Kabul Is Free Under a Veil   15. Bright Shadows
3. Noose of Gold Silk   16. Kabul Isn't Free Under a Vei
4. Base Metal Trinkets, One Rup   17. Benazir Bhutto's Hands Are C
5. Benazir Bhutto's Hands Are C   18. Shimmer, Then Disappear
6. Shimmer, Then Disappear   19. Exit Left no Trace
7. Jagannath, Jagannath Who   20. The Zouave Who Turned a Blin
8. A Box Which Contains...   21. A Balba Louni
9. Ultra Orthodox, and no Cheat   22. Filigree Silver God
10. India Rubber Buddha Melts An   23. Hindu Cosmology
11. Bengal Motorcycle Death Trap   24. Batik Cloth with a Hand Pain
12. Ravishnu, a Cassette Tape of   25. Extreme Anti-Arab Zionist
13. Possess a Poppyhead   26. Fakir Palm