Various Artists / Growin' Up Too Fast
Album: Growin' Up Too Fast   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Dec 1997
Label:Polygram Records (Modern)  

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I Only Want to Be with You
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Leader of the Pack

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Angels, the My Boyfriend's Back
2. Shangri-Las, the Remember (Walkin' In...
3. Francis, Connie My Best Friend Barbara
4. Renay, Diane Navy Blue
5. Honeybees, the She Don't Deserve You
6. Ray, Diane Please Don't Talk to The...
7. Sadina It Comes and Goes
8. Gore, Lesley Maybe I Know
9. Royalettes, the It's Gonna Take a Miracle
10. Secrets, the The Boy Next Door
11. Arnell, Ginny I Wish I Knew What Dress...
12. Pixies Three, the 442 Glenwood Avenue
13. D'andrea, Ann Johnny's Back in Town
14. Springfield, Dusty Stay Awhile
15. Nu-Luvs, the So Soft, So Warm
16. Gore, Lesley Look of Love
17. Parker, Gig and the Lonelies Beatles, Please Come Back
18. Pixies Three, the Summertime U.S.A.
19. Kenni Woods Can't He Take a Hint?
20. Angels, the Wow Wow Wee (He's The...
21. Paris Sisters, the Always Waitin'
22. Renay, Diane Watch Out, Sally!
23. Gore, Lesley Wonder Boy
24. Secrets, the Hey, Big Boy
25. Shangri-Las, the The Sweet Sounds of Summer
26. Shangri-Las, the Leader of the Pack
27. Springfield, Dusty I Only Want to Be with You
28. Arnell, Ginny Dumb Head
29. Pixies Three, the Cold, Cold Winter
30. Francis, Connie Don't Ever Leave Me
31. Sham-Ettes, the You're Welcome Back
32. Sadina I Want that Boy
33. Angels, the I Adore Him
34. Honeybees, the One Wonderful Night
35. Gore, Lesley Sometimes I Wish I Were...
36. Paris Sisters, the Dream Lover
37. Renay, Diane Kiss Me Sailor
38. Woods, Kenni Back with My Baby
39. Shangri-Las, the I Can Never Go Home Anymore
40. Washburn, Beverly Everybody Loves Saturday...
41. Secrets, the The Other Side of Town
42. Pixies Three, the Birthday Party
43. Royalettes, the I Want to Meet Him
44. Bobbi-Pins, the Why Did You Go?
45. Quinn, Carole What's So Sweet About Swe...
46. Whyte Boots, the Nightmare
47. Gore, Lesley That's the Way Boys Are
48. Shangri-Las, the Footsteps on the Roof
49. Renay, Diane Growin' Up Too Fast
50. Angels, the Thank You and Goodnight