Various Artists / Chicago Scene, the
Album: Chicago Scene, the   Collection:Blues
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Feb 1998
Label:Cannonball Records  

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1. Oct 17, 2005: Sunshine ... in the Afternoon
Your Turn to Cry

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Robert Plunkett Sweet Tooth
2. Robert Plunkett Stranded in St. Louis
3. Robert Plunkkett You're My Sweet Baby
4. Robert Plunkett Crack Smokin' Woman
5. Emery Williams Jr. The Whammy
6. Emery Williams Jr. Reckless Eyeballin'
7. Emery Williams Jr. I'm Guilty
8. Emery Williams Jr. You Did Me Wrong
9. Emery Williams Jr. Your Turn to Cry
10. Little Arthur Duncan Pretty Girls Everywhere
11. Little Arthur Duncan Ruthie Mae
12. Little Arthur Duncan The Midnight Train
13. Little Arthur Duncan Mama Talk to Your Daughter