7000 Dying Rats / Fanning the Flames of Fire
Album: Fanning the Flames of Fire   Collection:General
Artist:7000 Dying Rats   Added:Jun 1998
Label:Invisible Records  

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1. Mar 08, 2007: public noize racket
Last Day of the Sun

Track Listing
1. I Just Broke Up with Jim O'c   18. How Do You Like My White Sui
2. Sean Brants (1000 Lbs. of St   19. Resentment of the Indians
3. ...And Then the Girl Said,"W   20. Distinct Correction
4. Foot Ass Jaw Ass   21. Cyber-Mod
5. Free Jazz (And Mumia)   22. Train Come to Town, Make Tow
6. He's Watching a Film (Odum@W   23. The Possum Antithesis of Joh
7. Weapons of Fiji   24. As Narcissus Catches His Own
8. One Shot, One Kill   25. Kooky Spook (Scrutiny Bladde
9. Pegasus Boyd   26. Last Day of the Sun
10. My Nordic Butt Can Rule Nati   27. Bands that Play Funk Blow
11. Support Vaginal Pride   28. Paul Stanley's Chest
12. Kent State (I Guess the Nati   29. Dispelling the Myths of Couc
13. Rhythm Is a Dancer/ Geja Vu   30. Bffz
14. Gas Money   31. Waiting for Toney Sucks
15. Anal Cunt Is Gay   32. Vicissitudes
16. Open the Realm (I Left My Ke   33. Unyielding Glare
17. The Clenched Fist of White O   34. Ozzy Looked Like Bea Arthur
  35. Luft Balloons