Various Artists / China: Time to Listen
Album: China: Time to Listen   Collection:World
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jul 1998
Label:Ellipsis Arts  

Recent Airplay
1. Jan 19, 2019: The Acupuncture Hour
At the Yellow Crane Pavilion, The Mountain Village Peddler
4. Jun 20, 2009: Music Casserole
Incessantly Growing Dragon, Cuckoo
2. Dec 31, 2011: Music Casserole
Thorny Flower
5. May 15, 2009: The Professor Barnaby J. Finkerton Variety Hour - Your Chinese Grandma
At the Yellow Crane Pavilion, Xiang-Yu Removes His Armor
3. May 19, 2010: "In Your Ear ..." with Bug, wtf!?
Embroidering Flowers, Harvesting the Dates
6. May 27, 2008: Global Warming at the Cafe Bohemian
Ox Fights Tiger

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Shan Wen Tong The Mountain Village Peddler
2. Huaxia Chamber Ensemble, the Ode to the Autumn Wind
3. Pan Jing and Ensemble Singing on the Fisher Boats
4. Lily Yuan The Rain Falls on the Leaves
5. Jade Bridge Thunder Ends the Dry Season
6. Huaxia Chamber Ensemble, the Xiang-Yu Removes His Armor
7. Li Yao Rong Harvesting the Dates
8. Huihong Ou Embroidering Flowers
9. Wu Man and Ensemble Birds in the Forest
10. Yu Long Hinzhur
11. Huaxia Chamber Ensemble, the At the Yellow Crane Pavilion
12. Xiaoyong Chen A Merry Evening
13. Shan Wen Tong Hard Parting at Yang Guan
14. Thundering Dragon Gongs and Drums of the Pekin
15. Chinese Deep South Ensemble, T Sanpi Winpeng
16. Professor Xu Pingxin The Planting Song
17. Dayan Ancient Music Ass'n., th Guqi
18. Nagchu Art Troupe From Tibet Fiddle Dance
19. Thundering Dragon Ox Fights Tiger
20. Ensemble Sadiyana, the Thorny Flower
21. Dolqun Sapar & Abuqasim Qadir Ossaquing
22. Gundenbiliin Yavgaan The Rising Sun
23. Pan Zhenhua Spring
24. Yang Jiansheng Achang Love Song
25. A Chorus of Old Men Sour Plum
26. Mu Tianyan & Yang Zhengping Love Song
27. Chinese Deep South Ensemble, T Under the Panba Tree
28. Shan Yunlu Dance of the Yi People
29. A Chorus of Teenage Girls The Crying Cicada
30. Li He Song of the Fisherman
31. Nagchu Art Troupe From Tibet Many Masks
32. Gundenbiliin Yavgaan A Shaman's Prayer
33. Thundering Dragon Incessantly Growing Dragon
34. Bian Liu Nian A Hard Parting at Yang Guan
35. Dadon Cuckoo
36. Wu Man & Ensemble Ancient Poem in 3 Voices
37. Huaxia Chamber Ensemble, the Moving Through the Streets
38. Li Xinchen Worshipping the Autumn Wing
39. Sisi Chen Spring Arrives on the Qin
40. Yu Long Song for My Father
41. Zhou Wang Mukamu, Free Melody
42. Huaxia Chamber Ensemble, the Light Yellow Willow
43. Wu Man The Mantra of Pu'an
44. Dayan Ancient Music Ass'n., th Closing Ode