Various Artists / Little Darla Vol 10
Album: Little Darla Vol 10   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Sep 1998
Label:Darla Records  

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Get Some Sleep
2. Oct 18, 2011: monsieur psychosis
Questions I Can't Answer, Allergic to Morning

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Borthwick, Mark with Holland Inside Cushion
2. Technicolor Escaping the Game Grid
3. Photon Band (The Future's) Comin' Round
4. Club 8 Everlasting Love
5. Junior Varsity Get Some Sleep
6. Incense Make Her Happy
7. Piano Magic The Biggest Lie
8. Hydroplane Questions I Can't Answer
9. Asteroid #4 Tinkerbell Meet Reality
10. Rizzo The Joke's on You
11. Evil Wiener Allergic to Morning
12. Flake Music Spanway Hits
13. Lenola Sounds Like a Now Time
14. Modules, the Wake Up
15. Godzuki Your Future
16. Miss Bliss Slow Children
17. Croutons, the Accord
18. Smith, Steven R. This Fleeced Reel