Various Artists / Evaporators, The/Goblins, The
Album: Evaporators, The/Goblins, The   Collection:General 12"
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Sep 1998
Label:Nardwuar the Human Servit  

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Waaa!, Woof Woof, I'm a Goof, I Gotta Rash

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Evaporators Slap-Ham
2. Evaporators I Gotta Rash
3. Evaporators Woof, Woof, I'm A Goof
4. Evaporators Waaaa!
5. Evaporators I'm Your Buddy
6. Evaporators Mercury Outboards Have Plastic Propellers
7. Evaporators Aside From This, Is There Anything Else?
8. Evaporators Nardwuar Vs. Jean Chr├ętien
9. Evaporators Suharto Stomp
10. Evaporators Hump Duh Dog
11. Evaporators Oh Happy Day
12. Goblins Hockey
13. Goblins Two-By-Four-And-A-Half
14. Goblins Mario Cumo Works At Dumo
15. Goblins Cedar Hill Fight Song
16. Goblins Uhhh!
17. Goblins Emergency Procedures
18. Goblins Telephone In Shoe
19. Goblins The Tornado
20. Goblins Hit It!
21. Goblins Nardwuar Vs. Iggy Pop