Willis, Kelly / What I Deserve
Album: What I Deserve   Collection:Country
Artist:Willis, Kelly   Added:Feb 1999

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What I Deserve
4. Dec 14, 2007: "In Your Ear ..." with David Bug, for a brief unexpected moment, 4.5 hours long
Not Long for this World, They're Blind, Happy with that, Fading Fast, Time Has Told Me, Got a Feelin for Ya, Cradle of Love, Wrapped, Not Forgotten You, Talk Like that, Heaven Bound, What I Deserve, Take Me Down
2. Mar 22, 2008: "In Your Ear ..." with David Bug, 5 minutes to showtime - on -> air now!
Not Forgotten You
5. Aug 31, 2006: "In Your Ear ..." with David Bug, the return
Time Has Told Me, Got a Feelin for Ya
3. Mar 06, 2008: "In Your Ear ..." w/ d.Bug, 4 hours in the afternoon and into the night w/music
Time Has Told Me
6. Mar 03, 2004: In the Leaves
Heaven Bound

Track Listing
1. Take Me Down   7. Cradle of Love
2. What I Deserve   8. Got a Feelin for Ya
3. Heaven Bound   9. Time Has Told Me
4. Talk Like that   10. Fading Fast
5. Not Forgotten You   11. Happy with that
6. Wrapped   12. They're Blind
  13. Not Long for this World