Various Artists / Teriyaki Asthma Vi-X
Album: Teriyaki Asthma Vi-X   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Aug 1999
Label:C/Z Records  

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1. Feb 03, 2007: Biff Bang Pow
It's True

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Crackerbash Head Lika Weedeater
2. Dose Eyesore
3. Hammerbox Promise to Never
4. Love Battery Commercial Suicide
5. MX-80 Surfin Pope-X
6. Olive Lawn You're a Dick & I'm Gonna Ki
7. Pain Teens Come Up & See Me Sometime
8. Poster Children It's True
9. Semibeings, the Disco of Burns
10. Skyward Masque You Fear
11. Stymie One Proud Stout
12. Superchunk Sister
13. Superconductor There She Goes
14. Tful #282 Wally and the Ghost
15. Thrown Ups, the Walrus Head
16. Trash Can School Hobgoblins
17. Treepeople Drawing Class
18. Tsunami Punk Means Cuddle
19. Unrest Caitlin Burns
20. Ween Long Legged Sally Was a no N