Deadbolt / Voodoo Trucker
Album: Voodoo Trucker   Collection:General
Artist:Deadbolt   Added:Nov 1999
Label:Cargo Music, Inc.  

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Album Review
The Dead Kenny-Gs
Reviewed 2001-08-03
This is the haunted road album from slow, scary surf guitar band from San Diego. Sort of a Johnny Cash with Dick Dale sound. All songs feature guitar, bass, and drums. Lyrics are amusing, this album is filled with dead or cursed truckers and CB dialog. If you like one track, you'll like 'em all, start with songs 1,2,7,8
1) Sort of spoken lyrics about Billy being dead
2) some female CB, johnny cash singing
7) instrumental w/ road sounds
8) instrumental with spoken primer about CB speak (almost FCCs: "Frickin'")

Track Listing
1. Billy's Dead   8. Whereabouts Unknown
2. Voodoo Trucker   9. What Can I Do
3. Truck Driving S.O.B.   10. Roadside Cross
4. Red Cooley   11. The Mocker
5. Voodoo Curse   12. Let's Truck
6. Mc Gortsy   13. Lone Highway
7. Blacktop Fever   14. Trucker's Rumble