Various Artists / Half Ain't Never B V.1
Album: Half Ain't Never B V.1   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 2000
Label:Yazoo Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Oct 28, 2023: Everything
Let Your Light Shine on Me
4. Aug 09, 2019: Traditions
Religion Is a Fortune
2. Oct 21, 2023: Everything
I Am Bound for the Promised
5. Oct 15, 2009: dodging the draft
Religion Is a Fortune
3. Mar 14, 2022: funhouse
A Mother's Last Word to Her

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Karnes, Alfred G. I Am Bound for the Promised
2. Fa Sol La Singers Happy on the Way
3. Virginia Dandies There's a Beautiful City Cal
4. Graves, Roosevelt & Brother I'll Be Rested
5. Hendersonville Double Quartet I Want My Life to Testify
6. Phillips, Washington A Mother's Last Word to Her
7. Macon, Uncle Dave & His Fruit Shall We Gather at the River
8. Alabama Sacred Harp Singers Religion Is a Fortune
9. Jackson, Rev. H.B. He's the One
10. Phipps, Ernest & His Holiness I Know that Jesus Set Me Fre
11. Reed, Mrs. L. & Mrs. T.A. Dunc Don't Make It Too Late
12. Pace Jubilee Singers Certainly Lord
13. Jones Brothers Trio I'm Gonna Sail Away
14. Curry, Elder & Congregation Good Lord Has Set Me Free
15. Lubbock Texas Quartet Turn Away
16. Kentucky Mountain Chorusters We'll Understand It Better B
17. Primitive Baptist Choir of Nc Blessed Be the Tie that Bind
18. Johnson, Blind Willie Let Your Light Shine on Me
19. Bryant's Jubilee Quartet I'll Be Satisfied
20. Harris, Golden P. I'll Lead a Christian Life
21. Hill, Rev. B.J. Lower My Dying Head
22. Wells, Lee & His Jasper, Alaba Christian's Flight, the
23. Dawkins, Rev. William Mckinley Is not this the Land of Beul