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Album: Brainbombs   Collection:General
Artist:Brainbombs   Added:Feb 2000
Label:Load Records  

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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2001-08-28
Brainbombs - This is a compilation of singles from 1986-1993. I think these guys are from Sweden originally. Everything here is heavily distorted. Some of the songs turn into a mush of fuzz because of it. Vocals are difficult to understand because of the distortion and the often times muffled recording (so I may not have found all the fcc words). Lyrically they tend to be scary and dark talking about killing and eating flesh and stuff like that. Some songs are slower and doomy feeling while others have a more rock feel to them. Overall this is good. My Picks: 5, 7(fcc), 9
Katie P. 8/27/01

1) Starts with a cool distorted bass line and then horns and guitar come in sort of freestyle. It's pretty loose for a good while and then congeals into a dragging midtempo with a western slide guitar feel. Strange lyrics.
2) Swirly guitars with strange random horn honks. Solid fast midtempo. Lyrics talk about eating flesh or something.
3) Starts with trumpet and some loud distortion in the background. Vocals are seriously distorted and relatively unintelligible. Midtempo. Sort of scary/dirgy/doom feel to it.
4) Guitar distortion starts it off again. Nice solid fast midtempo with crunchy distorted guitars. Vocals are again distorted to the point where you can barely make out any words.
5) Loud scraping sound turns on and off with a solid drum beat in the background. Vocals come in strangely distorted. Creepy feel to it. Midtempo. Ends abruptly.
6) Feels much more like rock than anything else so far. Uptempo with crunching guitars and distorted vocals. Lyrics like "…kill the bitch, tear her heart out…" and other niceties.
7) Dragging midtempo with a heavy bass element. Again serious distortion but a cool groove. Fcc: says "fucking" a few times but it's tough to tell because of all the distortion on the vocals.
8) Uptempo rockin' beat. Everything is still really distorted. Creepy lyrics.
9) Starts slow and then comes in with a heavy beat. Harsh with a serious cool groove. Nice uptempo beat. Ends abruptly.
10) Midtempo beat with distorted fuzzy guitars. Vocals are kind of quiet and distorted.
11) Solid pounding beat. Everything sounds muffled. Repetitive high-pitched guitar.
12) Pounding drums that drag. Low guitar drones in. Distorted vocals.

Track Listing
1. Jack the Ripper Lover   7. Wishing a Slow Death
2. No End   8. Stacy
3. Anne Frank   9. It's a Burning Hell
4. No Guilt   10. Second Coming
5. No Place   11. Psychout Crash Kid
6. No Guilt   12. I Detta Satans Rum