Stereolab / First of the Microbe Hunte, th
Album: First of the Microbe Hunte, th   Collection:General
Artist:Stereolab   Added:Jun 2000
Label:Elektra Records (East Coast)  

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Outer Bongolla
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Barock - Plastik
2. Oct 19, 2005: Anywhere Out of the World
Nomus Et Phusis
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Outer Bongolla, Intervals
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Outer Bongolla
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Outer Bongolla

Album Review
David McWade
Reviewed 2007-11-06
Some of the best and most complex infectious pop that Stereolab has ever produced is on this 7-track, 39-minute 'album', one of the later more synth Europop-oriented albums (they 'switched off' from more rock w/ buzzing synths to pure electronic pop around Dots + Loops, the Aluminum Tunes 2CD being the transitional recordings). After the relative disappointment of Cobra+Phases which IMHO has a lot of filler, there's not a wasted song on this album. With the exception of the first track and perhaps the final track this work is surprisingly coherent. Still the kraut influence which is integrated into the overall sequenced feel (or is that the other way around?).

Rec: 4, 5, 6
Please note that track 5 is actually titled 'I Feel The Air (of Another Planet)'

1 long, repetitive loungy (bossa nova?) instrumental anthem
2 medium-length pop piece, seems like an afterthought, still good though
3 short, tossed-off electro-pop, bass guitar
4 Perfect! 2-part pop piece, really sophisticated in its chord change and sense of harmony, particularly the second half
5 long, de-volving, use of repetition in vocals, kraut influenced, fades throughout then with about 2:00 left a sort of coda, really great
6 pretty dancey pop piece
7 tense, repetitive but then explodes into a lovely, fast-paced pop gem, sense of experimentation.

Track Listing
1. Outer Bongolla   4. Nomus Et Phusis
2. Intervals   5. I Feel the Air
3. Barock - Plastik   6. Household Names
  7. Retrograde Mirror Form