Schifrin, Lalo / Bullit
Album: Bullit   Collection:General
Artist:Schifrin, Lalo   Added:Aug 2000
Label:Aleph Records  

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1. Jul 10, 2012: Sunshine . . . in the Afternoon
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4. Dec 15, 2010: Getting Over the Hump
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2. Sep 08, 2011: Summertime Sunshine (Full Moon)
"Bullit" End Credits
5. Jun 23, 2010: Full Moon Summer Sunshine ... in the Afternoon!
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3. Jun 08, 2011: Getting Over the Hump!
Main Title
6. May 13, 2010: Morning Glory (sittin' in for JC's Epiphany of Sound)
Cantata for Combo

Album Review
The Dead Kenny-Gs
Reviewed 2002-11-26
Lalo Schifrin-Bullitt
ALL MOVIES SHOULD HAVE SOUNDTRACKS THIS COOL! This is a recent re-recording of the score from the 1968 Steve McQueen cop movie, famous for the San Francisco hills chase scene. Lalo Schifrin is the composer of many classic soundtracks for film and television, notably 'Dirty Harry', 'Mission: Impossible' and 'Enter the Dragon'. 'Bullitt' represents Lalo Schifrin at his finest: jazzy film music with funky breakbeats and interlocking orchestral and other instrumental elements. I recommend all tracks, start with tracks 2, 10, 11, 14, 18 then 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 15, 17.
1) Theme song, with claves, horns, guitar, tone changes, drumbreaks and copshow grooves
2) *Low rumbling ominous piece that increases pace
3) Low keys on the piano, string hits, grinding percussion--long slow interlude then exciting finish
4) Groovy Shifrin a-go-go. Mid-tempo sexy with flute
5) Swinging big band with vibes
6) Travelin' tune, relaxed and orchestral
7) Tense tune foreshadowing some nefarious deed
8) Shorter, tighter version of main title
9) Slow post-coital jazz, muted trombone
10) *Again, a tighter version of the movie version
11) *Up-tempo jump with some fat organ
12) Acoustic guitar version of main title
13) Happy supermarket bossa
14) *Flute, organ, up-tempo and cool
15) Simple, rhythmic bassline with guitar, flute and piano
16) Ballad for female lead
17) Gameshow groove (hilarious considering title)
18) *Groovin' recap of main title
Tom Purcell, August 2000

Track Listing
1. Bullit, Main Title   10. Ice Pick Mike
2. Shifting Gears   11. Hotel Daniels
3. Ice Pick Mike   12. Bullit, Guitar Solo
4. Cantata for Combo   13. The First Snow Fall
5. Room 26   14. Room 26
6. On the Way to San Mateo   15. The Architect's Building
7. Just Coffee   16. Song for Cathy
8. Main Title   17. Music to Interrogate By
9. The Aftermath of Love   18. End Credits