Tourette, Dory and the Skirthe / Dory Tourette and the Skirthea
Album: Dory Tourette and the Skirthea   Collection:General
Artist:Tourette, Dory and the Skirthe   Added:Sep 2000
Label:S.P.A.M. Records  

Recent Airplay
1. May 13, 2009: Signal to Noise
Shes Only Nine
2. Jul 20, 2003: Oh Messy Life
Shes Only Nine

Track Listing
1. Sex with Junkies   9. Build Me a Straw
2. My Titties Gone   10. Shoot the Whites
3. My Perm Comes From My Eyes   11. Im Gonna Cry
4. Did It Cause of You   12. Brand New Feeder
5. The Lord Said Ejaculate   13. Crooked Eye
6. Doesn't Stop Jason (From Hop   14. Shardlife
7. Smoothest Cat in the City   15. Im Too Young to Be a Petafil
8. Leaving Town   16. Shes Only Nine
  17. I Shove Rocks Up My Nose