Go-Betweens, the / Friends of Rachel Worth, the
Album: Friends of Rachel Worth, the   Collection:General
Artist:Go-Betweens, the   Added:Sep 2000

Recent Airplay
1. Nov 07, 2006: What's in the Ice Box?
3. May 05, 2005: The Devil's Collective
The Clock
2. Oct 17, 2006: What's in the Ice Box?
Magic in Here
4. Dec 07, 2004: All This and Mor: Going Down Under
Magic in Here

Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-02
This reunion album features a new incarnation of the Go-Betweens, including Robert Forster, Grant McLennan, and 3 members of Sleater-Kinney. This is indie/folk pop with melodic hooks so sweet and lush instrumentation so beautiful that it put a smile on my face. Overall mood is relaxed and cheery. There's nothing surprising about this kind of twee pop, but they just do it so well. -nari

*1. Pretty layered guitars and layered vocals, snappy beat.

*2. Infectious melody and a snappy beat.

*3. Punkier dissonant opening chords.

4. Heavy beat, danceable. Tell-a-story vocals.

5. Twinkly guitar + violin/viola + melancholy vocals = pretty.

*6. Sad, achy-wistful chords.

7. Cute on all three fronts - bouncy drums, simple guitar line, silly lyrics.

8. Why does this sound like an old Genesis song? Bass turned up on this track for a slow funky lope.

9. Fastest moving track. Very upbeat.

10. Folkiest track. Acoustic guitar, vocals laden with regret, violin.

Track Listing
1. Magic in Here   6. Heart and Home
2. Spirit   7. Surfing Magazines
3. The Clock   8. Orpheus Beach
4. German Farmhouse   9. Going Blind
5. He Lives My Life   10. When She Sang About Angels