Joan of Arc / Gap, the
Album: Gap, the   Collection:General
Artist:Joan of Arc   Added:Oct 2000
Label:Jade Tree  

Recent Airplay
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(You) [I] Can not See (You)
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As Black Pants Make Cat Hair
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Me and America (Or) the Unit
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Knife Fights Every Night

Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-02
Consists of sweet, laid-back acoustic numbers made interesting by a
number of editing manipulations and electronic effects. It sounds like someone went crazy at the mixing board with quick cuts and fades. Yes this music is somewhat experimental, but luckily it lacks the coldness of
other experimental artists -- many of the melodies are quite warm and
evocative. 5,6,10 seem to be the more purely abstract tracks. Also, this
album has great coherency - tracks blend seamlessly from one to the
next. Consequently, each track begs for a fade in/fade out. Great. - nari

1. Sets the status-quo for the album with a simple acoustic number that
gradually becomes more and more cut up though editing.

*2. 8 minutes track culminates in a pretty melancholy duet, with an
accompaniment of electronic effects. Works very well.

*3+4. Lush sweeps of string bass and warm, enveloping reverb makes this
track evocative of the sea. The echoes of human vowels sounds half way
through this track is my favorite moment on the album.

4. An interesting transitional track that is effectively the end of track
3 and the beginning of track 5. I would not end 3 without playing 4 as
well, perhaps fading out at 0:20.

5. Wonderfully chill sounding groove; dissolves into abstract sound at

6. Abstract sound. 1:05 marks the true beginning of track 7.

*7. Sentimental song about childhood. Intimate sound - just guitar,
voice, and anecdotal mutterings from the drums.

*8. Bright & carefree pop loveliness

*9. Post-rock inspired -- lush texture with a hollow little melody being
repeated to create a 9 minute ambient epic.

10. Abstract collage of sound; soaring through outer-space, perhaps.

Track Listing
1. (You) [I] Can not See (You)   6. Zelda
2. As Black Pants Make Cat Hair   7. Pleasure Isn't Simple
3. Knife Fights Every Night   8. Me and America (Or) the Unit
4. John Cassavetes, Assata Shak   9. Your Impersonation this Morn
5. Another Brick at the Gap (Pa   10. Outside the Gap