Various Artists / Infra Sound Collective
Album: Infra Sound Collective   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Nov 2000
Label:Infrasound Collective  

Recent Airplay
1. Nov 06, 2010: lost and found
Sabbath's Theatre
2. Feb 02, 2001: Umami Jazz Program
Sylvian's Wood

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2004-10-20
Excellent interesting collection of experimental pieces ranging from composed noise to sublime downtempo electronics. Predominantly dreamy and drony, this is destined for heavy rotation. All instrumental, all good.

1) ambient, droning w/minimal synths, eno’esque, builds to brief loud wash at end.
2) downtempo funky beat w/minor haunting melodies.
Almost “subliminal” voices, nice distorted bass at times.
3) downtempo w/restrained strange intrument samples, nice string samples, sparse overall
4) various sparse noises build to intense noise guitar led almost free-jazz noise, subsides, ebbs and flows
5) multimetered, bass led near post rock, interspersed w/lots of noises
6) luxurious ambient downtempo, slow swirling synths
7) industrial noise: heavily reverbed metal crashes, clanging and occasional horn
8) droning and spacey synths, arrhythmic, hidden voices
9) spacey minimal melody, downtempo, stops and starts w/various meters, intensities, builds, returns
10) pretty w/downtempo electronic beat, looping bass line, synth interjections
11) casio type percussion, analog synth sounds, looping acous guit, strangely layered, disturbing.
Turns into a more pretty dramatic melodic composition.
12) live duel sax+guit feedback improv, “drone-noise-free jazz”
13) slow minimalist w/echoey various percussion, slide guit, electronics.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Mark Fauver Return to Innsmouth
2. International Bankers, the The Hunt for Bin Laden
3. Grassy Knoll, the Sabbath's Theatre
4. Luther Macrae Erons
5. Brink Teen Sex Mpeg
6. Absorption Dead Slow
7. Tentacles Improvisers Steel Mil Improvisation
8. Christopher Delaurenti Sylvian's Wood
9. Fognode Orbiting Polly
10. Layng Martine 111 Globe
11. Baleen Assistance
12. Chuey/Monhart/Rea Edge Trio
13. Let's Say Baltimore When I Broke Into that House