Hitchcock, Robyn & the Egyptia / Live at the Cambridge Folk Fes
Album: Live at the Cambridge Folk Fes   Collection:General
Artist:Hitchcock, Robyn & the Egyptia   Added:Dec 2000
Label:Fuel Records  

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So You Think You're in Love
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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2005-08-23
Perfect guitar pop, a bit folky, very English. There are certain artists whose devoted fans refer to them on a first name basis, e.g. Elvis (Costello, Presley), Jonathon (Richmond). Robyn is one of them. This is a good document of a 1992 live performance by Robyn and his perennial band The Egyptians (in this case bass/keys and drums). The quality is so-so, sounding straight off the board with a terrible line-in bass sound. But all that matters is that Robyn’s amazing guitar and vocals/lyrics are crystal clear. Incredibly prolific, the ex-Softboy is a master of the perfect pop song (Stephan Merritt has nothing on Robyn). Many songs here are his most popular and finely crafted, all are upbeat, with perfect backup vocals. It seems like this guy doesn’t have a dark or depressed bone in his body.
1) big hooky melodic “hit”
2) driving, upbeat w/big hooky chorus
3) ethereal pop
4) slower waltz folky feel, pretty
5) fast paced train track beat
6) a’cappella, lyrics psychological issues, excellent!
7) cute sounding synth replaces bass, ethereal and pretty
8) midpaced heavy rock beat
9) midpaced and more reflective, airy and beautiful
10) upbeat pure pop, about as perfect pop as it gets

Track Listing
1. So You Think You're in Love   6. Railway Shoes
2. Driving Aloud   7. The Yip! Song
3. Uncorrected Personality Trai   8. Egytian Cream
4. Satellite   9. Globe of Frogs
5. Birds in Perspex   10. Oceanside