Pepe Deluxe / Super Sound
Album: Super Sound   Collection:General
Artist:Pepe Deluxe   Added:Dec 2000
Label:Emperor Norton  

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The Beat Experience
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Everbody Pass Me By
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Woman in Blue
5. Jul 11, 2002: Pessimist Poetry
Everbody Pass Me By
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Thru the Motion

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2004-10-20
Pepe Deluxe. Funky Finnish electronica trio, digested and regurgitated American funk, w/treated voice samples, turntables, the usual suspects. Slick and good but has a certain predictability. Liner notes contain track reviews and bio’s which are surprisingly objective.

1) vaguely “…Levee Breaks”
beat w/funky hip-hopish feeling, voc samps, scratches, melodic synths
2) funky retro feel, 70’s TV soundtrack, w/upbeat horns, piano, dance rhythm, Moby-ish gospel sampled vocal melody
3) downtempo rip of 70’s disco anthem “love hangover” w/voice samples
4) sampled tabla, mid-uptempo funky snare heavy drum beat, minimal synth melodies
5) white boy electric blues slide guit, gospel blues vocal sample over heavy handclap funk beat
6) funky downtempo, nice distorted bass synths, horns, high melodic synth melodies tame this
7) 70’s love feel, slow minimal beat w/electric piano, synth washes, Pepe Le Pew French vocal samples, shifts at end
8) 70’s cop show funk feel, organs, funky 9th chord guitars, radio DJ sample
9) slow-midtempo heavy funk beat w/congas, backbeat reggae samples, funk bass synth, guit
10) uptempo funk, voice samples, horns
11) vinyl samples, upright bass, jazz, slow, 1 min
12) midtempo w/crowd sing-along sample, cool fuzzy bass synth line
13) multimeter feel, psychedelic guitar, trippy, slow overall
14) downtempo remix of track 2, sparse, nice

Track Listing
1. Three Times a Player   7. La Femme
2. Woman in Blue   8. Maddaddy
3. The Beat Experience   9. Super Sound
4. The Ride   10. Where Is Mr. Fabulous
5. Everbody Pass Me By   11. Big Muff
6. Thru the Motion   12. Moogjam at Cafe Liberte
  13. Woman in Black