Unruly Guts, the / Peristaltic Souds in Gastroint
Album: Peristaltic Souds in Gastroint   Collection:General 7"
Artist:Unruly Guts, the   Added:Jan 2001
Label:Hot Air  

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Intro & Physics
2. Feb 23, 2001: Umami Jazz Program
Normal Sounds in the Gastroi

Album Review
The Dead Kenny-Gs
Reviewed 2006-11-12
The Unruly Guts
(Peristaltic sounds in gastrointestinal obstruction: a self diagnosis tool)
Clinical training record. The lower gastro-intestinal tract is a long tube of membranes, smooth muscle, liquids, and gasses. Disorders and obstructions in this critical passage create resonant, bubbling sounds audible through the stethoscope or a sensitive microphone. Don't expect a parade of flatulence and other poo-poo sounds, rather, the inner workings of the human body create a symphony of other worldly gurgles and tones. The spoken intros are informative and clinical, and needless to say, unintentionally hilarious. Recommended for noise DJs, hypochondriacs, and battling turntablists, as well as anyone who digs interesting recordings.

Side A: Introduction to the technology followed by several examples. Starting with a healthy intestine for reference, the narrator brings you on a tour of disorders in the small intestine and their accompanying sonic signatures.

Side B: Two long examples of obstructions in the colon, lots of bubbling and gurgling. The larger size of the colon gives the tones a deeper, more resonant quality. Ends with a nice summary.

Tom Purcell, January 2001

Track Listing
1. Intro & Physics   5. Abnormal Persistalsis
2. Normal Sounds in the Gastroi   6. Discernible Distended
3. Pyloric Obstruction   7. Adhesion
4. Pitch Relationships & Sphinc   8. Large Intestinal Obstrution
  9. Constricted Transverse Colon