Burnside / 2 Man Wrecking Crew
Album: 2 Man Wrecking Crew   Collection:Blues
Artist:Burnside   Added:Jan 2001
Label:Music Maker Relief Fund  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-02
!!! - Aquarius wants us to pronounce it "chik chik chik". I haven't heard FUNKY QUIRKINESS quite like this since Cake. Too bad the name Infectious Grooves is already taken. Here's my bf's review: "It's like the lead singer of the Clash meets the Commodores with Sonic Youth guitar breaks thrown in." -nari

1. Funk guitar, fretless bass action, big band trumpets, and white boy rap styling that doesn't suck.

*2. Kind of a darker track. Still oh so danceable, though. A frenzied, tribal little breakdown at the end.

*3. More funky dance music. Makes you wanna clap on the offbeat. Takes it down low at 3:30 then builds it back up to a distortion climax. 5:37 FCC.

4. Goofy beat, goofy lyrics.

5. Slow, sinister remix of an earlier track.

*6. High energy jam with a shout n' clap section in the breakdown.

*7. This is pretty disco. Flea style bassing.

Track Listing
1. The Step   4. Storm the Legion
2. Hammerhead   5. There's no Fucking Rules, Du
3. Kookooka Fuk-U   6. Intensify
  7. Feel Good Hit of the Fall