Parker/Schlippenbach/Guy/Loven / 2X3=5
Album: 2X3=5   Collection:Jazz
Artist:Parker/Schlippenbach/Guy/Loven   Added:Feb 2001
Label:Leo Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Jul 11, 2008: Memory Select
2X3=5 [final 15 minutes]
4. Apr 20, 2001: Umami Jazz Program
2. May 18, 2001: Umami Jazz Program
5. Mar 30, 2001: Memory Select: John Ferguson of XY Collective
2X3=5 [excerpt]
3. Apr 27, 2001: Memory Select
2X3=5 [excerpt]
6. Mar 23, 2001: Umami Jazz Program

Album Review
Craig Matsumoto
Reviewed 2008-07-11
One monstrous 77-minute improvisation in one track. The core of this quintet is the Parker/Guy/Lytton trio: Evan Parker (sax), Barry Guy (bass), Paul Lytton (drums), a group that's operated together for something like 30 years and has been well documented on the Leo label.

They're joined by two other giants of European jazz improv: Alexander von Schlippenbach (piano) and Paul Lovens (drums).

The track has its moments of sparseness and concentration, as you'd expect from anything 77 minutes long, and there are lots of delicious long spaces with fast but carefully measured playing -- busy, but not so much that the players blur into each other. Then again, when they decide to get noisy, they're plenty noisy. Great stuff from some masters of the genre.

Track Listing
  1. 2X3=5