Farina, Geoff / Reverse Eclipse
Album: Reverse Eclipse   Collection:General
Artist:Farina, Geoff   Added:Feb 2001
Label:Southern Records Usa  

Recent Airplay
1. Aug 03, 2001: Memory Select
Olive or Otherwise

Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-02

Solo album from the lead singer of Karate. His subdued electric guitar and weary voice makes for kinda a folky, jazzy, dim-the-lights-and-sip-tea-by-the-hearth album. Very intimate, casual sounding. -nari

1. nostalgia and colorful jazz scales
2. very folk quality
3. sad little chorus
4. very blue chords
5. brighter, perkier; dazzling jazz scales
6. finger-snapping syncopation
7. extended solo; wah-wah funkiness
8. slow, with chords that stretch out over time
9. shimmery arpeggios
10. very short; almost a rambling narrative
11. brighter, perkier, snappier
12. another heart squeezing solo
13. folky speak-to-the-audience quality

Track Listing
1. Special Diamonds   7. Soon in Tents
2. The Left-Handed Way   8. The Rights
3. Fire   9. Only Yellows
4. Henningson or Hemingway   10. The Dianne Eraser
5. Gravity   11. Olive or Otherwise
6. Pordenone Plaster   12. One Percent
  13. Fixable