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Album: Pinback   Collection:General
Artist:Pinback   Added:Feb 2001
Label:Ace Fu Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-02
Pinback - There's nothing about this mellow "downer indie pop" that will immediately bowl you over. But wait until it gets its hooks into you. I confess I'm on week #38 of owning this CD and I still can't stop listening to it. Pinback are a band/duo from San Diego, with Rob Crow of Heavy Vegetable/Thingy and Armistead Smith of Three Mile Pilot. It's about rich, pretty vocal harmonies, funky scratching, and catchy drum loops. Relaxed, melancholy, gentle, innocent.
Play it! -nari

*1> TRIPOLI - reels you in with an irresistable drum loop, then layers on a sweet vocal duet on a melancholy tune.

2> HURLEY - kinda folky. Centerpieces a bare acoustic guitar.

3> CHARBORG - lazily shuffles along.

4> CHAOS ENGINE - dark, mysterious; picks up busy drums for a big finish.

*5> SHAG - Marilyn Manson would shake his hips to this track.

*6> LORO - another very catchy groove. This is the kind of melody that stays with you all day.

*7> CRUTCH - I really love this track. Something about that mopey opening chord cuts right through.

8> ROUSSEAU - some very doleful, heartbroken moaning.

9> LYON - carefree, easy-breezy. Love the pretty, velvety vocals at the end.

10> MONTAIGNE - Plodding, dingy, and dreary. Yum.

Track Listing
1. Tripoli   6. Loro
2. Hurley   7. Crutch
3. Charborg   8. Rousseau
4. Chaos Engine   9. Lyon
5. Shag   10. Montaigne