Various Artists / Asian Takeaways
Album: Asian Takeaways   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Apr 2001
Label:Normal Records (Usa)  

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Album Review
Chauncy Sunderland
Reviewed 2006-12-12
60s pop from SE asia.

11. Is really great. Kitschy, a tad corny, and has sweetly arranged full-fanfare horns to start and end the song.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Jing Ting (Hong Kong) The Joke
2. Yoon Il-Loh (Korea) Guitar Boogie
3. Chung-Ae Ahn (Korea) No Mercy Blues
4. Yao Su-Yong (Malaysia) Good Bye in Spring
5. Chang Loo (Malaysia) At Three Springtime
6. Chang Siao Ying (Singapore) I Miss You Forever
7. Che-Hong Beck (Korea) Blowing the Whistle
8. (Japan) Shojojii - Trad.
9. Yao Su-Yong (Malaysia) Love Is Blooming
10. Chang Siao Ying (Singapore) Come Back to Me
11. Chang Loo (Malaysia) When Will You Come Back Agai
12. Thu Su Yung (Hong Kong) You Can Be Anything in Life
13. Yao Su-Yong (Malaysia) Bridge of Lovers
14. Yoon Il-Loh (Korea) A Moody Person's Life
15. Thu Su Yung (Hong Kong) What a Sound
16. Yiu Peng (Hong Kong) Don't Say I'm Silly
17. Wang-Li (Singapore) My Husband Run Away
18. Thu Su Yung (Hong Kong) Great Love
19. Chung Sister (Korea) Romance Family
20. Yao Su-Yong (Malaysia) Sacred Wind in Spring