Modest Mouse / Sadsappysucker
Album: Sadsappysucker   Collection:General
Artist:Modest Mouse   Added:May 2001

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Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-02
Modest Mouse [label: K Records]
"Sad Sappy Sucker"

New old Modest Mouse, as sweet as ever. Indie pop rock. All songs were recorded in 1994 and recently released. Has that dingy authentic lo-fi sound. -nari

Pick any song and play it, they're all good. Watch out, some tracks in the book are misnumbered ... I included a hook index.

1. "you can see that birds & worms don't get along"
2. bouncy beat & singsong chorus "o-k, it doesn't matter anyway"
3. short, quiet solo number
4. energetic carefree punk rawk "bah dap bap bap bap"
5. muddier guitars, sadder verse "point a to point b"
7. sad-happy moaning vocals "downpour, downpour"
8. upbeat, punchy "get your dukes up now"
10. wild racecar rock "you've spilled every last penny into the car"
11. tender, intimate vocals "mice eat cheese"
12. flawed, honest, beautiful indie rock "johnny took the fall"
13. bizarre western
14. "hey secret agent won't you hook me a line...why-y-y did they give you that job"
15. very short, but sweet "do you connect?"

Tracks 16-24 are short, phone quality recordings saved from a project called "Dial-A-Song."

Track Listing
1. Words Vs Birds   12. Red Hand Case
2. Four Fingered Fisherman   13. Secret Agent X-9
3. Wagon Ride Return   14. Blue Cadet 3, Do You Connect
4. From Point a to Point B   15. Call to Dial a Song
5. Path of Least Resistance   16. 5-4-3-2-1 Lipsoff
6. It Always Rains on a Picnic   17. Woodgrain
7. Dukes Up   18. Bmx Crash
8. Think Long   19. Sucker Bet
9. Every Penny Fedon   20. Black Blood Old New Ager
10. Mice Eat Cheese   21. Swy
11. Race Car Grin You Ain't no L   22. Austral Pitltecus
  23. Singunchaser