Rise Against / Unraveling, the
Album: Unraveling, the   Collection:General
Artist:Rise Against   Added:May 2001
Label:Fat Wreck Chords  

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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2001-08-28
Rise Against - Nice hardcore/punk going on here. Musically they aren't spectacular, but they do pull off some killer riffs at times and can play nice and fast too. They keep the energy going and don't get too caught up in the idea of just being angry because they play some hardcore songs. Vocals are really nice and you can actually understand them too. And of course each fast song has at least a little breakdown for the hardcore dancing. This was fun and full of energy. Definitely recommended.
My Picks: 2, 4, 5, 9, 11 Katie P. 8/20/01

1) Fast and heavy. Yelled vocals.
2) Uptempo with a nice melodic guitar line. Crunching guitars. Cool breakdown section.
3) Fast and harsh. Pounding with lots of energy that doesn't let up.
4) Uptempo and almost bouncy. Not so angry. Cool vocals new the end when the whole crew comes in. Fades out.
5) Heavy harsh guitars. Serious crunching fuzzy guitars. Slower than other songs, about fast midtempo. Great build to the end. Wow!
6) Fast and crazy. Pretty darn angry. Nice breakdown near the end. Fcc: says "fucking."
7) Fast fast! Cool guitars. Slows down to a fast midtempo half through for a bit.
8) Starts with guitars and gets harsher and louder soon into the song. Cool drums at the beginning. Mostly a fast midtempo.
9) Starts with a sampled bit of movie (not sure what though). Fast harsh guitars and song filled with energy. Nice backup vocal harmonies.Cool!
10) Whoa! Seriously fast and harsh. Incredible energy and anger.
11) Slow to start. Almost sounds like a ballad but then it picks up to a nice uptempo beat. Nice vocal harmonies on chorus. Slows for the breakdown near the end.
12) Fast and heavy. Cool guitar line and nice solo. Fcc: says "fuck."
13) Uptempo and full of energy.
14) Awesome bass line to start! Builds and builds to a solid fast midtempo. Nice "whoa" backup vocals and cool crew shouts.
15) Again a killer bass line to start. This time the song is fast fast fast! Harsh and heavy. Slows about ½ through to a fast midtempo.
16) Nice fast start with plenty of energy. Nice guitar line.

Track Listing
1. Alive and Well   9. Reception Fades
2. My Life Inside Your Heart   10. Stained Glass and Marble
3. Great Awakening   11. Everchanging
4. Six Ways 'til Sunday   12. Sometimes Selling Out Is Giv
5. 401KILL   13. 3 Day Weekend
6. The Art of Losing   14. 1000 Good Intentions
7. Remains of Summer Memories   15. Weight of Time
8. The Unraveling   16. Faint Resemblance