Various Artists / Rocket Girl Compilatio
Album: Rocket Girl Compilatio   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:May 2001
Label:Rocket Girl  

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Album Review
Hannah Mae
Reviewed 2002-10-17
Mostly indie rock of the swirly drifty variety, tending towards downtempo when the beats get louder - piles of reverb, piles of phaser, guitars everywhere. I have a few favorites but there isn't a bad track in the lot. Yay Rocket Girl!

Disc 1
1. goofy vocals, exuberant drumming and bassline
2. wavery, watery guitar drift w/female vocals - the only lyric I catch is "iiiiiice… is meeelting…" which is an apt description
3. starts slow and quiet - segue-er beware! Nice delayed guitar and keyboards all layered and atmospheric. A pleasantly gritty male voice w/a British accent holds forth sotto voce on many lists of things.
4. thick dubby bass n drone n harmony vox - apt title
5. echoey slidey guitar, a bit like Neil Young's Dead Man sdtk
6. whooshes, sweet sustained organ, guitar chime - acquires a dance beat midway through - dig that phaser pedal!
7. appealing rumble and echo and fuzz
8. mealymouthed pop w/My Bloody Valentine tendencies
9. majestic pop
10. little bass melody that hums in your ears - pretty song about a breakup
11. spare and melancholy, with spates of busy drumming
12. bouncing swirl, Elephant 6-style
13. downtempo strum and whoosh
14. more soaring swirly psych-pop, pretty bassline
15. sweet strummy pop song - hidden track - layered noises and nonsense vocals

Disc 2
1. pretty fingerpicking, gets big and, uh, post-rocky? ends abruptly
2. bleeps and bloops, vaguely 80's-pop melody
3. muddy swirls, super bassy - sorta MBV
4. slow bass pattern, tinkles and plinks
5. slow washes, fingerpicking, clear vocals
6. spacy guitar and brushed drums
7. big-drums powerpop
8. repetitive swirly gamelan-like percussion
9. mournful, with piano and guitar and male vox
10. backmasked drums and drone, with traces of shimmery vox
11. somewhere between indie rock and downtempo - beats and funny vocals
12. downtempo with laid-back repetitive drum and guitar loops
13. record-static and piano loop and murmuring spoken vocals - false ending and then sequenced drums kick in - and then the track ends like 10 sec. early
14. scrap of sweet drift and piano underlaid with thunderous airplane roar, a bit like Sigur Rós
15. bass melody, phased drones, snare-heavy drums - hidden track at like 4 min. remaining - backmasked drums, bass thump, murmured vox and chimes

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Silver Apples I Have Known Love
2. Windy & Carl Crazy in the Sun
3. Roy Montgomery & Kirk Lake London Is Swinging By His Ne
4. Low & Transient Waves & Piano Sleep at the Bottom
5. Transient Waves Green Acres
6. Loopdrop Siempre Azul
7. Azusa Plane, the United States Investment in
8. P.S. I Love You Where on Earth Is Kevin Shie
9. P.S. I Love You No Sharks Allowed
10. Piano Magic There's no Need for Us to Be
11. Piano Magic Canadian Brought Us Snow, Th
12. Mazarin Wheats
13. Fuxa Techno Light
14. Mazarin Chasing the Girl
15. Coldharbourstores All that Matters Now
16. State River Widening Unsung Couples
17. Pluxus Han, Jag and Du
18. Lenola and Mazarin Holidaymakers, the
19. Gnac Tracy Draco
20. Her Space Holiday These Days...
21. Workhouse, the Peacon
22. P.S. I Love You I Want You
23. Experimental Audio Research Ring
24. Coldharbourstores Perfect Cursive
25. Aarktica I Create You to Inhale You
26. They Came From the Stars (I Sa I Am not Afraid
27. Loopdrop Lavamatica
28. Piano Magic Shot Through the Fog
29. Keiron Phelan & David Sheppard Par Avion
30. Fuxa Supercharged