Dog Pookah / Blue Iron Haze
Album: Blue Iron Haze   Collection:General
Artist:Dog Pookah   Added:Jun 2001
Label:Wire Heart Recordings  

Recent Airplay
1. Jan 18, 2007: public noize racket
And Then I Saw My Bird
3. Sep 14, 2001: Brownian Motion
And Then I Saw My Bird
2. Oct 24, 2001: Brownian Motion
And Then I Saw My Bird

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2001-08-08
This is a copy of my "dj review":

Semi folky, Stones meets the Velvet Und in a weird way. Mostly tambourine or brushed drum minimalism, but rich guits, nice fem background/lead vocs and excellent use of noise. Guy’s vocs are strained and weird (but good). Spacey and psychedelic overall, amazingly lush despite minimalism. From Duluth, just like Low (coincidence?). All great. 1) slow garagy ballad paced, tambourine, buried noises, guits, fem bckgrnd, stones meets the VU and pink floyd 2) mid-up paced, upbeat, pretty breaks, minimal 3) complete sound, upbeat folk rock 4) weird dissonant guit melody, nice noises, echo, instrumental 5) big sound here, upbeat rockin epic despite no kick drum or big cymbals, great weird noises 6) fem lead vocs in places, happy tone over weird trippy noises 7) min elect guit sounds over min drum beats 8) beautiful feel like “sweet jane”, male+fem voc duet, as beautiful as it gets 9) upbeat happy tone, almost “normal” 10) spastic guit, noodly bass+guit, brief 11) upbeat rockin, brushed snare, epic soulful choruses, quiet bridge w/ noisy guit noodles, false ending @ ~1:40 remain, ambient guit hum and noise symphony follows 12) acous guit based folky waltz ballad.

Track Listing
1. Ridiculous Angel   7. To Make You Run Away
2. Old   8. And Then I Saw My Bird
3. Blister   9. A Lot Like Mary
4. Planet Skybeam, the   10. Flies
5. I'll Fit in the Hole   11. River Boiled
6. Slow Down   12. When