American Steel / Jagged Thoughts
Album: Jagged Thoughts   Collection:General
Artist:American Steel   Added:Jun 2001
Label:Lookout Records  

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Turn It Out

Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2002-04-12
American Steel - This is their 3rd album and it's definitely the mellowist of the three. This one is much slower and quieter than previous albums and seems to lack a certain amount of energy. Instrumentally they are great at times with cool bass lines and some fantastic guitar riffs. Male vocals are usually sloppy and difficult to understand. The faster songs are pretty killer. If you want some rock this should give a good variety. My Picks: 4, 5, 7(fcc), 9
Katie P. 7/22/01

1) Fast midtempo with cool guitar effect. Drags a bit. Nice guitar solo and nice bass line.
2) Midtempo with nice guitar and bass lines. Quiet during verses and louder at the chorus. Fades out.
3) Fades in slowly. Quiet and slow. Picks up to a dragging midtempo and is much louder for the chorus.
4) Uptempo with plenty of energy. Nice rock. Good bass lines.
5) Fast midtempo with some organ in there. Almost bouncy. Cute cha-cha beat. Ends with about 10 sec. left.
6) Midtempo with a solid beat. Quiet on instruments for verses and louder at the chorus. Nice guitar lines.
7) Uptempo and rockin'! Great guitar lines and a nice solo. Fcc: says "fuck."
8) Uptempo with a cool bass line. Bouncy and fun.
9) Cute catchy pop bass line. Fun little song. Cute guitar solo.
10) Pounding fast midtempo. Lightens up a little but still slightly pounding. Strange time signature (not regular 4/4 beat) in an almost 5/4 time.
11) Midtempo swing beat. Upsetting lyrics about someone threatening suicide. Nice guitar solo.
12) Fast midtempo with a happy solid beat. A bit of a bounce. Lyrics not particularly happy. Gets very quiet with about 2 minutes left and then gets louder gradually.

Track Listing
1. Shrapnel   7. Time Gone By
2. New Religion Every Day   8. Turn It Out
3. Rainy Day   9. Two Crooks
4. There's a New Life   10. Wake Up Alone
5. Lonely All the Time   11. I Don't Mind
6. Maria   12. Day to Night (Like a Hint)