Berit Alley / Berit Alley
Album: Berit Alley   Collection:General
Artist:Berit Alley   Added:Jun 2001
Label:Wimma Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Aug 09, 2001: Eighteen Seconds Before Sunrise
Walk Right Over this

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2001-08-17
This is my "dj review" of this record:

Interesting melding of electronics, tape manipulation with simple acoustic guit ballads, pop songs. Really weird in many places. Sorta lo-fi but not obviously so. Pretty damn cool. 1) mellow electronic feel melded perfectly to acoustic ballad, trippy, one FCC 2) way trippy backwards of first track (?), totally cool w/ synth effects, grows forward 3) slow nodding beat, lo-fi vocs+acous guits and drum machine, backgrnd trtmnts 4) distant and dark slow lo-fi cure-ish spooky piece 5) minimal acoustic guit strummy lo-fi vocs, echoey 6) acoustic shoegazer balled, picks up an electronic drum beat midway and distant electric leads 7) more acoustic/experimental ballad, strange heavy rhythmic noise going on 8) slow paced acoustic electro feel, simple drum beat, trippy guit efx and duel vocs, ends at ~4:30 then lo and behold, ye olde Track Hiddene after ~11:00: electro synth pop instrumental, then hey another one (!) after ~20min, someone left the tape recorder running

Track Listing
1. Sofia Day 1   5. Swim, Swim
2. Walk Right Over this   6. Barbie Kick Calid
3. Miss   7. Like Sun Party
4. Your Tough Honest Grin   8. Wei Wei 2